I am an illustrator in love with children's books and a keen interest on print and editorial design.

I started off studying Visual Arts where I worked mostly on etching and Illustration. A special interest for print and image repetition led me to study Editorial Design for a better understanding of the formal possibilities in the multiplicity of Print Media. Since then, I have worked as a designer in Art Direction for television and film conceptualizing new projects and being in charge of all graphic pieces displayed on set; as a consulter for a film production agency for its graphic content; and as editorial designer in a publishing house for several magazines.

Being Illustration my lifetime companion, I have been constantly working for magazines, branding agencies and other commissions and at the same time working on my personal project of illustrated furniture and objects.  


I am always open to new commissions and hearing of new ideas. If there is a project to which you think my line of work might come as complement, don’t hesitate to write and say hello with your planned deadline and budget. I will get back to you as soon as possible.